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Are you tired?

How are you doing today? I can’t exactly say how I’m feeling but I’m okay, I guess. This week is going to be awesome. Can I get an Amen?

So, it’s been well over a week since the #EndSARS protests started in Nigeria. A lot of people would have thought that we’d be tired by now. After all, we’re the ”lazy Nigerian youths”. We’re the ”phone pressing” generation, the unserious ones. But look at what we’ve done in a week! Look at what we’ve done!! Our voices are being heard by the world and by the Grace of God, Police brutality and every other nonsense that comes with it will end in this country.

I asked if you’re tired. Are you? Please don’t be.

Think about the people we are fighting for, the people that died at the hands of brutal policemen, and the peaceful protesters that have also lost their lives. Let us ensure that their deaths are not in vain.

Think about the country we want to live in. The country that we’ve been dreaming about for as long as we can remember, a better Nigeria, where we don’t have to live in fear, where our leaders will be held accountable to the people and will not get away with crimes just because they’re in positions of power. A better Nigeria where the educational and health sectors are up to standard, a country where we are free to express ourselves and exercise our rights without fear of intimidation. Let us try to build a Nigeria that we will be proud of.

Think about the generations coming after us. We don’t want them to suffer like we have, or accept what shouldn’t be as normal. We should do this for a better future. I believe that if we keep pushing, we will be proud of ourselves and this country.

The truth of this whole issue is that it has been a long time coming. I’m glad that the youths are finally waking up and we are finally taking our future into our hands.

However, please don’t lose focus. I like using Donald’s status updates because he expresses his anger well.

Look at these:

You get the gist yeah?

Even though we’re still pushing, please be safe. I saw this online, just in case you or someone else needs it.

I sincerely hope that we don’t forget what we’re fighting for.


’Ruona. ❤️


You already know that I want to know how you’re doing.

Have you been protesting online or offline? How has your experience been?

Are you tired?

What do you want from this country, Nigeria?

Please make use of the comment section below. You know how much I love reading from you. 💜

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Dear Uncle D

Dear Uncle Daniel,

Degwo. I never imagined that I’d ever write this and honestly, there’s so much I have to say but I don’t even know how to start. The fact that you’re gone is still very hard for me to process. It seems so unreal. Talking about you in the past tense has to be the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

You were a great man, a selfless man. You showed love, care, and support in your actions. Your jokes were unique and always funny. You were the only person, apart from my dad that I had a really good relationship with. Even though I hadn’t seen you in years, it never seemed like it because you always called to check on me. I have realized that I’ll never hear ”Ruona baby, bomado” or ”Ruona baby, how are you?” What do I do with your phone number now? Nobody saw this coming at all.

Your encouragement is one thing I’m grateful for. You always said that I was doing a great job with my blog and I’d go far. I didn’t even know that you used to read my publications until you started giving me feedback and other suggestions. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t even have started random thoughts on Instagram. Thank you for your prayers. You never hung up without praying for God’s guidance in my life. You were genuinely concerned about me and you listened. You always listened. Degwo.

Uncle D, I miss you. I thought I’d see you after my exams. I didn’t bargain for this. I always thought that you’d be around forever but the sad reality is that this is how life is. I’m going to take consolation in the fact that you have gone to be with the Lord. I know you wouldn’t want me to be sad too. I’m going to make you proud. I’m going to go far just as you said I would by the Grace of God.

Nobody can ever take your place. Thank you for all that you did. I love you so much but God loves you best. Rest in perfect peace, Uncle D.

Your niece,

’Ruona baby.

My Uncle D was laid to rest on the 13th of October, 2020. He was 57 years old and he was one of the nicest people to ever walk this earth.