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Second Semester Goals

Hello everyone! I’m sorry I’ve been MIA lately. I’ve been pretty busy with preparations for school and other stuff. I will try to publish from time to time.

So, on Monday, the 27th of March 2017, I travelled back to school for second semester. I plugged my earpiece in and looked forward to sitting for three hours. As I grew tired of watching the trees, I decided to write. At first, I didn’t know what to write until this random thought popped in. You know how we begin a new year and people make resolutions? People also make resolutions or in my case, goals at the beginning of a school year, term or semester. You also know how these resolutions rarely ever get fulfilled. Hohohoo..

Looking at last semester, I realised that I can do way better. Not just my result (which was beautiful by the way) but my outlook on life generally; My association, carriage and my relationship with God. I decided to make resolutions of my own for second semester. I also decided to publish five of these resolutions here because who knows? I may just end up being of help to one or two persons that will read this piece.

Alright, here we go…

Goal 1: Revise the day’s work.

I know some of you will be like “yeah, everyone knows that”. The question should be ” how many people do that?” I have been hearing this particular advice since JSS1 and I think that was the only time I paid attention to it. I can actually testify that it worked. I’m ashamed to say this but I actually belong to those set of people that pile their work until two weeks before exams before they start reading. It doesn’t ever work because I try to rush like I’m KYLE XY’s sister (rolls eyes).

Anyways, I’ve decided to repent (well, it’s more like “I’ve decided to try”). I’ll try to revise my notes for the day before I go to bed. I may not remember everything but it keeps the brain active. So yeah! Wish me luck.
Goal 2: Eat and Sleep Well.

When I got home for first semester break, my mum kept on complaining. She said I looked skinny and even told me not to wear clothes without sleeves so that my bones will not be on display. I couldn’t blame her. My eating habit in first semester was very poor. Most times, I left the house without eating, finished classes very hungry, got a guy to buy me snacks and then went back to class. Sometimes, I got home late and if my roommate was thinking of me that day, I’d see a pot of rice waiting. In summary, I ate real food once a day on most days.

As for sleep, oh well, you can’t say no to social media at times. When you decide to go to bed, the messages will choose that moment to start coming in. In the new house I moved into, my neighbours have generators. I remember a particular night I watched a movie I had been dying to see – ‘The Wedding Party’, knowing fully well that I had an exam by 7 the next morning. I finished the movie around 11 and I read till 1 or 2. I woke up by 6:30 the next morning and my brain was still fuzzy. I hadn’t rested well and it was showing all over. That day, I knew God was good towards me because I immediately turned to ‘The Flash’, grabbed my bag and ran to school. I arrived at the hall with just a few minutes to spare. Enough of my story. You get the point guys.

I’ve decided to cut down on phone usage and movie watching (except on the weekends of course). I want to see how things turn out this semester.
Goal 3: Choose my friends and not let them choose me.

My dad gave me this advice and it is one that I’ve taken to heart. I’ve been blessed with beautiful friends. In school however, there are some people I came in contact with in first semester who haven’t added any value to my life whatsoever. As I sat in thought, I realised that if I wanted to make second semester better than first, I would have to cut down on these friendships.

To a great extent, the people we surround ourselves with either play a positive or negative role in our lives. I pledge that in second semester, I’ll be friends only with those who will give me good advice, those that have the same goals as me and those ones that are not dry (yeah, I can’t deal).

Goal 4: Dress Well.

Don’t get me wrong. I dressed well in first semester (I happen to have a good dress sense) but there’s no harm in wanting to be better. I think my dress slogan for second semester will be ‘chic and decent’ (yeah man!).

This semester, I am going to dress the way I want to be addressed. I’ll take time (not too much time) to put my wardrobe in order (in order to slay😁😁). Dressing is key. It helps one gain respect among course mates and even lecturers plus it boosts confidence in oneself. Here’s to good dressing.
Goal 5: Avoid Worrying:

I think a lot. It is unhealthy, I know. I can’t seem to help it. I worry about everything from a stain on my dress to when I’ll receive my next pocket money. I end up forgetting that Jesus has the answer to everything. Most times, I end up being distracted and sad (it always shows on my face. Can’t help it). I often lose focus for a considerable amount of time.

I’m going to stop it. It doesn’t help at all. God is already in control and I’m not supposed to worry when I can pray. Worry solves nothing anyways. My goal for second semester is to be worry free. I’ll end up being stress free too.
Before this piece gets too long and you (yes you!) get tired of reading, I’ll stop here. Apart from these goals, I’ve also decided not to let anything get to me. My priorities for this semester will be God and my Academics (not forgetting my playlist I’ve decided to focus on my work in my fellowship, build a good social life, smile often and continually be happy. I really hope second semester turns out to be awesome and that my lecturers turn out to be nice. Alright then, wish me luck.

Till next time,



My name is Oseruona Asak, but I'll let you call me ‘Ruona. I haven't found the perfect words to describe me yet but I’m very passionate about those things that are close to my heart, including sharing my thoughts with you.

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