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I really hate myself! I can’t help but cringe each time I look at myself in the mirror. Why do these models in magazines look so good and make me feel ugly? I’m surrounded by people who have nice skin without blemish, right – sized noses and mouths, long hair among others and I feel inferior, with lots of faults. All these didn’t matter years ago but this is now and I just can’t help but feel this way. I know I shouldn’t have these thoughts because I’m supposed to love myself and accept myself as God made me but with the way I look, it’s just so hard to make friends. No guy or girl would look at me, let alone go out with me.

Have you ever felt this way at some point in your life? I’d say it is normal for us to think these thoughts once in a while. We’re only human after all but what do we gain when we allow these thoughts consume us? Absolutely nothing! Most people have a perfect vision of how they’re “supposed” to look, forgetting that they are a perfect and unique version of themselves. Some of them have even gone ahead for numerous surgeries to enhance their looks.
Have you ever noticed what the second command says? ‘Love your neighbor as you love yourself’. God helps us to be able to love people around us. Given that, He can also help us accept and love ourselves. We just have to ask Him for the grace to do just that because God has a purpose for creating us.

When I was much younger it was easier. As I began to hit puberty, I started becoming much more conscious of the way I looked and when my friends began to hit with growth spurts, it was another thing altogether. I just discovered one day that I wasn’t the same height as most of my friends and I started getting used to being called “shorty”. Not much has changed since then.. Lol. I’m still called short but with time, I realized that I do not need to be a Goliath to Deliver. It’s my favorite quote of all time because it speaks to me. It simply means that I do not need to be< the biggest, the tallest or even the loudest before I make myself known. It has been my guiding principle for years now and even with my cute stature, I’m taking on this world.

I’ve come to realize that real people, real friends, will always love you for what you are on the inside. Your outward appearances will just be an added bonus and deep down, we know it. Imagine if you asked someone what the person liked about you and the person replied with something like “I like you ‘cos of your shape” or “your abs are just to die for” and then you’re left wondering “what if I didn’t have this? Would he/she still like me then?” I’m not saying having someone who appreciates good looks is a bad thing but it’s usually what’s inside that counts 70% of the time. Or just think – Good looks and nasty character. Worth it?

You are who you are! A perfect and unique version of you. You don’t need anyone’s approval. Just God’s and yours.

Until next time loves,

Ruona ❤️

P.S: Have you ever been in a position of self hatred and you have something to share? Please feel free to use the comment box. ❤️❤️


My name is Oseruona Asak, but I'll let you call me ‘Ruona. I haven't found the perfect words to describe me yet but I’m very passionate about those things that are close to my heart, including sharing my thoughts with you.

9 thoughts on “I HATE MYSELF!

  1. I realky liked ur approach on this topic for a lot suicides hav been becuase of this. Thank u for lettin the person open up to the uniquess in them

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  2. I instantly love myself more after reading this. Thanks a lot for this piece.
    A lot of people actually need to see this and I’ll see to it that they do. *thumbs up*

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