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The year 2018 is gradually coming to an end and it’s been a wild ride so far. This year’s actually my last year as a teenager and I’ve learned some things.

I’m not taking total credit for some quotes here because some of my friends had a hand in this writeup.

Anyways, here are some things I felt I should share…

*The heart knows what it wants no matter how much the brain tries to deny it.

*We can’t force what isn’t and we’ll never see what isn’t there.

*Life’s crazy at times and we should accept it that way too.

*Vibe to the tune that makes you happy.

*Never settle for what is less than you deserve.

*Dressing is key.

*Nobody can change you except you.

*Realise that each day you live may be your last. Live it that way.

* You can’t even cheat love. Don’t try.

*You’ll make mistakes and you’ll rise above them.

*If it’s not meant to be yours, it won’t be yours.

*Loving someone and feeling stupid? That’s not love.

*If you’re not comfortable in your own body, you won’t be comfortable anywhere else.

*You’re too much to feel so little.

*We’re all getting old.

*Humility never killed anyone.

*Shoot your shot.

*God loves you.

Who else noticed that they’re 18?


Ruona ❤️


My name is Oseruona Asak, but I'll let you call me ‘Ruona. I haven't found the perfect words to describe me yet but I’m very passionate about those things that are close to my heart, including sharing my thoughts with you.

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