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Buharist or Atikulator: Game Over.


Strategy beats Twitter rants, as Muhammadu Buhari wins a second term as the President of Nigeria.

Don’t swallow me nau, I didn’t want him to win too.

But oh well, God’s will be done.

Now, analyzing the whole election process, from both points of view, we have first, the Buharist movement, strategizing and planning as to how to emerge victorious. On the other hand, Atikulators, voting through Twitter polls and not their PVCs. Truth be told, Atiku Abubakar really didn’t have any true supporters, if he did, then they were very few. The bulk of votes the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) garnered was from ‘anti-Buhari’ people, or people who just wanted a change. They were tired of the All Progressive Congress’ (APC) promised change that yielded only hardship for Nigerians.

Considering the picture below,

“The North Remembers!”

The strategists, APC, with Tinubu the Jagaban, stormed the North, campaigning heavily there…

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