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Back in the day, I used to be a relationship counselor. πŸ˜‹ Why do I have this feeling that you’re laughing at me?

Hard as it is to believe, people actually brought their issues to me and we tackled them in the comment section on Facebook. That was until I was told to go and read my books because I should at least gain admission and get a degree before thinking about counseling people.

Let’s not forget that I was fresh out of secondary school with no relationship experience whatsoever except you’re willing to count my “boyfriend” who was in 100 level, whom I saw twice a year but that’s a story for another day.

Relationships involve a lot of effort. Let’s be honest with each other. I mean, it’s always good at the beginning, when you’re getting to know each other and you have enough love to give. I think this sweet phase is referred to as the “honeymoon phase”. It usually occurs in the first three months of a relationship. This period, you want to be around your partner, talking about nothing and everything. It can be cute and annoying. Smh.

After the honeymoon phase, there’s another phase that I can’t give a name right now but in this phase, you start getting to know your partner and you start having those little fights, noticing little faults and all that stuff. This is where you begin to know and accept your partner’s flaws. I think that once you survive this stage, there’s hope that you may be able to build a nice relationship.

I’m listening to Silence by Marshmello ft. Khalid right now.

Okay, back to business. It is known that at different points, your relationship tends to be difficult because people are different from each other and it takes one to understand one but there are a lot of mistakes people make in their relationships and I’m going to highlight a few.

Lack of communication: Relationships are about communicating with each other. That’s the only way you’ll be able to know what the other person is thinking. Nobody is a magician and you can’t expect issues to be resolved without communicating. People fail to do this and it kills relationships faster than one expects. Nobody is saying you have to talk all day, everyday but it is necessary to take time out to hear from each other. You also have to be open and honest with each other, while avoiding secrets.

General Relationship: I’m sorry, I couldn’t get another catch phrase for this point but when I explain, you’ll understand. These days, people are involved in relationships with themselves and the rest of the world. Most times, they involve social media and portray their relationships as perfect and will not allow the single people to be single in peace. πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ Nobody said that you can’t show off your boo on social media but when you’re in the relationship for the approval of the rest of the world, something is wrong. Let me not get started on those people that will rather talk to their friends about their relationship issues instead of their partners. It’s just so sad. Mind you, this is different from getting advice. In summary, if you’re in a relationship and your activities center more on the opinions of people other than you and Bae, watch it because you tend to lose the purpose of the relationship that way.

Taking each other for granted: In Nigeria, this is referred to as “see finish”. πŸ˜‘ Most times, it’s usually “I’ve gotten this person to fall, no need to put effort anymore”. Okay, how exactly do you expect the relationship to work when you feel like you have to reduce the amount of love and affection you started with?

Failure to balance each other out: Did you know that every relationship is give and take? Well it is and it’s that way because it involves two people. 😌 One person cannot be the one always giving or spending in a relationship. It involves two people. It cannot be one person always calling or making decisions. It involves two people!! A lot of people are guilty of not calling or checking on their partners because they just naturally expect them to call and this mentality of “It’s the guy that’s supposed to do the spending?” Why now? πŸ˜₯ Eventually the person will get tired and things may begin to go downhill.

Forming what I don’t know in public: A lot of people don’t fancy Public Display of Affection (PDA) and its understandable because on a normal day, if I see you, I’d probably gag and say something annoying and won’t even apologize πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but there are some others!! Those ones only love themselves in private and if you see them outside, you won’t even know they’re together. If it’s something that has been agreed on previously, then it’s fine but if it’s a situation where you basically deny ur partner in public, it is plain wrong and just sad!! Are you ashamed of your partner? Why are you together??! I mean, do you know how embarrassing it can be when bae reaches for your hand when you’re strolling and you pull away? Do you know how painful it is? 😭😭😭

Finding Faults: I know of people that will just sit down and be like “me and bae have not quarreled today, let me look for trouble”. What is wrong with you? πŸ™„ We know that nobody is perfect and everyone tries to be their best. You can’t just decide to pick offense at every little thing your partner does because some things are meant to be overlooked and it is not right to go out of your way to find faults or get angry at every little thing. It’s just plain wrong.

Other mistakes include complaining a lot, lack of commitment, making disrespectful remarks, imposing your will on your partner, ignoring your partner’s opinions, pride, lack of support, among others.

I’m stopping here ‘cos I’m tired and I’m writing this by 12:17 AM. Plus if we were to discuss relationship issues, we won’t finish today. Anyways, these are some of the basic mistakes people tend to make in their relationships and I’m here to provide enlightenment. You’re welcome. 😘😘

Meanwhile, you don’t have to kill yourself for any relationship especially if the other party isn’t willing to try and if you don’t see a future with the person. Also, remember that Jesus loves you more than anybody ever would.


‘Ruona ❀️


What’s your favorite love song?

Your favorite love quote nko?

Please can you provide solutions to some of these mistakes mentioned?

Do you want me to resume my counseling profession? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Would you like to add anything else?


My name is Oseruona Asak, but I'll let you call me β€˜Ruona. I haven't found the perfect words to describe me yet but I’m very passionate about those things that are close to my heart, including sharing my thoughts with you.

27 thoughts on “CALL ME LOVE DOCTOR. πŸ˜š

    1. Oshe Love doctor , anyhow sha the the anti-PDA thing is a thing of choice , in a relationship where one partner doesn’t want PDA , i think the other partner should try to understand not showing PDA won’t reduce the love they have for each other , people should even mind their business jor , before jealousy will catch some people .

      Faults should be pointed out , point out what you don’t like ( not judgingly tho) , just to see if anything can be done about it.

      See finish is for empty relationships , relationships that are loveless , how can you “see finish” , your boo/bae should be more interesting to you as time passes by.

      Communication is super important ( some people don’t know this ) , even if it’s just two texts a day , a call that lasts for one minute or half minute .

      Also you should pay attention to your partner , you’ll notice stuff communication or no communication . ( It’s the little stuff that matter).

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    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ please commit it into the hands of God. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‚ It could be that both of you are not compatible with each other and maybe his focus isn’t on the relationship. There’s only so much one can do.

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      1. But what if the boy actually loves her but his troubles are just too much……………….lmao, okay i get you.

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  1. Please resume your job. E get plenty work you suppose do. πŸ˜…
    Nice one though. My friends love it

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  2. You’re a stubborn fellow, I know you know
    Thanks for this πŸ’
    John legend – All of me
    Love makes us better people

    Thanks once moreπŸ˜‡

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  3. Nice write up baby gal😍
    You see most times relationship issue is very hard to deal with,if we should talk about relationship now,it will take us as long as months and we won’t still get it right…..πŸ€—
    So my own suggestions on this base on what on I’ve been through (u can testify alittle)most of us ladies love too much and once the guy finds out he would start acting strange before you know it everything will change.
    So I think both partner should sit ,pray and ask themselves what they want and how they want their relationship to be,most relationship u see on social media are fake making other feel as if their relationship isn’t working,so they try to make theirs like that ND it can’t work cus it’s fake
    Thanks ma babyπŸ€—

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  4. Good write up but leave counselling for now and concentrate on your studies. It’s additional work and drains one.
    Keys to Relationship:
    * Fear God. When you have the fear of God you would WAIT and not listen to lies of the devil such as sex is wonderful rather obey the Word of God in Heberews 13:4 – Marriage is honourable and the bed undefiled ‘cos God’s standard is different from that of the world and marriage is an institution created by God and relationships should be geared towards marriage.
    * Communication brings about understanding and exposes one’s character because a lot of people are hypocrites. It’s a time to find out your likes and dislikes, strength and weakness, family background, who the person is etc.
    * Trust.
    * Common interest.
    * Give and take. Not one-sided.
    * Key words: please, sorry and thank you.
    *Pray for God’s will.
    Healthy relationships should be
    maintained therefore be careful.

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