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I cannot find my comment box!

I published a post earlier today and I noticed that my subscribers and visitors could not comment. They still cannot comment. This is heart breaking, honestly!

Where did my comment box go? Is there a glitch somewhere? If it can be fixed, I’ll appreciate it because I’ve checked my settings and everything is intact. I am heart broken. Really.

I’ve never felt this terrible. I finally wrote in weeks and I can’t get feedback. I am sad.

This is what I’m doing tho’: Here’s a link to my previous post. Social Media Sef! Please read it and drop your comments here. The comment box is showing here.


My name is Oseruona Asak, but I'll let you call me ‘Ruona. I haven't found the perfect words to describe me yet but I’m very passionate about those things that are close to my heart, including sharing my thoughts with you.

13 thoughts on “I cannot find my comment box!

  1. Sorry about the comment stuff. The last post was nice. Normally I dont read long stuffs sha but I got engaged with the post. If you like go MIA again. Lol.

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  2. Keep writing b
    It will all be over in a bit😉
    Mb won’t b something you worry about in less than no time🙏🏾
    Keep writing whenever you can and if you can’t then you know you couldn’t😌
    Eventually it all works out
    Ps. sorry about comment issue


  3. Hey baby, welcome back!! I’m so excited. I’m glad I could encourage you. I love your last post BTW ❤. So I’m going to say something about this xenophobia ish. it’s actually heartbreaking and very annoying. Watching these videos made me cringe. These South Africans have forgotten that we helped them become what they are today, we helped them stand on their feet. Killing a fellow African is not it!! Nigerians are angry, yes, but their move on boycotting their companies here does not make any sense. They should know that they are leaving Nigerians unemployed. I even heard that someone died during the riot in Lagos today. I’m disappointed in Nigeria’s government, very disappointed. Buhari is not doing shit, sending someone to that place does not solve anything. He should see to this himself!! I pray God makes this country better and I pray for the lives of our citizens over there. God save us all.

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  4. I totally agree with the post

    About my social media experience, i also felt inferior at some point and i also deleted/archived some of my previous posts, sometimes i feel that i need to be perfect for the gram but it’s true that you have to embrace the fact that it’s not worth faking.
    My take on the Xenoforbic attacks, i believe you don’t beg/pleed with the devil to spear your life, but rather you fight for your life. I like the fact that Nigerians have started mobilizing themselves to fight back for their lives.(fear is the catalyst to defeat, if you hide in fear…you miss your winning chances *Unye*)

    Great content, really captivating….keep em coming

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  5. This post is so relatable! especially from the Laziness partttt…God safe us all..
    I’m so excited and honoured about being mentioned here🥳🥳🥳 I didn’t see this coming at allllll….I’m happy the post helped you put something together.

    As for the gram, I haven’t posted in forever cause I don’t really understand it anymore so until I come to that balance point for myself, Instagram should dey their dey make I dey my own.

    Yesssss lemon is my favourite colour 💚and I didn’t even know it was a shade of yellow😂. Thank you for sharing…

    Xenophobia scares me to my bones. I had to consciously try to stop reading about it. Just pray for peace for Africa, comfort for all those that are hurt and wisdom for our leaders.

    At this point I might just start my own blog😂…well, see you some other time ‘Ruona💞

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    1. I totally understand how you feel about IG Lmao. I think it will pass tho’. Concerning Xenophobia, I agree that we should keep praying because like I said before, enough has been said.
      Starting your own blog is a great idea, seriously. I cannot wait to read from you. Thank you for stopping by!


  6. You are forgiven, but don’t go MIA on us again.. I share your thoughts on both xenophobia and social media., the former is just really heartbreaking.. From Nigerians killing Nigerians to foreigners killing us.. May God help us.

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    1. Aww.. I will try as best as possible to ensure that I publish at least once a week, God willing.
      May God help us, really because these deaths are heartbreaking. It is well.


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