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You Don’t Rate Me 😏

You don’t rate me sha. If I should think about the amount of insult and disrespect you’ve brought to my name, I wouldn’t even be around you. I mean, what gives?
No, how do you expect me to feel? You toss me out of your mouth all the damned time and you’re not sincere about me. Do you think I’m like her? No babe, check well. I’m totally 1Cor. 13 and she’s the opposite! You know this so don’t you dare lie to me.

One would think that once you’d found me, you’d change and you’d eventually take me seriously but I’ve been wishing hopelessly because it’s obvious that you’re out to to shame me. I don’t even understand how you can paint her to look like me when it’s obvious that she’ll never be me. It’s like they’ve sworn for you. Yeah, they have. Those wicked village people of yours have decreed that you’ll never take me seriously, you’ll never appreciate me. Shame.

It’s no secret that you’ve used me for deceptive purposes, battered me with lies, caused me to lose my value in the eyes of people because of your unfaithfulness. They basically think I’m her now. There’s no difference anymore and it hurts. Why can’t you see me for me? Why can’t you present me the way I am? Why is it so difficult for you?

Just tell me what it is that you want. If you wanna be with me, be with me. If you’re choosing her, let me know but don’t confuse yourself or confuse people because I am done with this game.
Sincerely, if being with me is so hard, let me go but stop hurting people in my name because it isn’t fair and I can’t take it anymore.
So dear, choose. Yes, I said choose. Choose if you wanna be with LOVE or LUST ’cos I’m way more than all this and you’re gonna rate me.

Heeeeyyyy everyone!! Thank you for reading up to this point. In fact, thank you for sticking with Ruonaahsculture because guess what?! I am back like I never left!! Okay, I know I left but I had exams and if you’ve been keeping up with me, you’d find that I mentioned it in my previous post. Haven’t read it yet? Please click What’s Your Passion?

Meanwhile, just in case you didn’t totally get the raving and ranting above, I was trying to create a scene where someone was cheating on love with lust. You see, it’s common practice these days because people tend to clothe lust in love, totally disregarding the qualities of love itself and settling for lust instead. If you ask most people in relationships why they’re in love with their partners, you’d be amazed at the things you’d hear. I mean, how do you love someone because he or she has money or is fine or has dimples? Lol. What happened to the things inside that make up the person? Those ones are just ’jara’, really.
I know we’re learning every time and no relationship is perfect but it is what it is.

So, I was supposed to publish this on the 13th or 14th of this month but my exams that were originally supposed to end on the 14th started on the 17th and I had to give my best to school and I’m honestly glad it’s over. I actually woke up very early the day after I finished exams to read and then I realized that I was actually done 😂
I decided that I didn’t want to keep this in my draft unpublished especially since February is the month of love. You all know that there’s God in every move ’cos He gave me one more day to publish. Lol. Also, happy birthday to all the people I know that are born on the 29th of February!! It’s so cool that we get to celebrate you this year.

In other news, my mum’s birthday is tomorrow!!! Happy Birthday in advance, Mrs. Asak. I love you so much, mummy. God bless you and everything that concerns you. ❤️

Still on birthdays, mine is on the 18th of March (I’ll be back to remind you, don’t worry).
I actually have so much to say but I guess I’d stop here and give you the rest of the gist later. Hope you had an awesome February.


’Ruona ❤️


”You don’t rate me” is a slang for ”no respect”, ”no value” or ”no regard”.

How was your valentines day?? Please I need gist 😩 I was reading for exams 😩

What are your thoughts on Love and Lust?

Could you please suggest movies for me to watch?

Please leave birthday wishes for my mum too 😊

I’d really appreciate it if you made use of the comment box below. You know how much I love feedback. Thank you!


My name is Oseruona Asak, but I'll let you call me ‘Ruona. I haven't found the perfect words to describe me yet but I’m very passionate about those things that are close to my heart, including sharing my thoughts with you.

24 thoughts on “You Don’t Rate Me 😏

  1. I’m really excited that you’re back. Your vibe is 💯
    Talking about love and lust will entail me writing a whole post under your comment section because there’s a whole lot to it😂😂
    And yyyaaaaaayyyyyyyyy your mum and I are Birthday mates!!!! I Love to see it!!!😍😍
    I wish her the best Birthday she’s ever had and the most amazing year yet. She’s blessed and she prospers in all she does and she’ll live long in good health to reap the fruit of her labour of love in your life In Jesus Name, Amen.

    Here’s some movies you should watch:
    The upside
    The shack
    6 underground
    To all the boys I’ve loved before,PS I still love you.

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    1. Thank you so much!! And Amen!! And Happy Birthday too 💜💜. I just texted you lol. I’m gonna check these movies out although I already watched the last one 😌


      1. I finally had time to read ur story… it’s actually amazing to watch u do this everytime😇… u’re doing well… keep this up!!!👍

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  2. First of all, i’m glad you’re finally done with your exams to write for us 😭 I wish you success ❤️ This is beautiful btw 😌.
    How was valentine’s day? 🤡🤡
    While my friends were getting gifts, the only gift i got was the gift of life 💀😂😂😂.
    I feel people should actually come out to say what they actually want, not going round confusing people that wants something with them. We’ve grown past that tbh.

    Movies recommendation: A fall from grace
    To all the boys: ps i love you
    Knives out
    Always a bridesmaid
    A Madea family funeral

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    1. Thank you, boo. Amen! I totally agree with you. Like what’s the point of sending mixed signals?
      I’ve seen some of these movies and I can’t wait to check the rest out. Your suggestions always come handy 💜

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  3. As you’ve finished exams we will not hear word again, anyhow congrats in advance Sha I know you are going to Ace all your courses, as for love and lust i don’t have anything to say since the thing is different for everybody and there’s no manual, bye till your next Post 👋🏾

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  4. Movies Suggestions:
    Charlie’s angels
    Knives out
    Series Suggestions:
    His Dark Materials
    Chilling adventures of Sabrina
    The Witcher
    Elite (Spanish)
    Enjoy 😌❤️

    Don’t forget my birthday is March 25th 😍

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  5. Hey pretty!
    My val was done in the church unto pastor pikin wey I be 😉😉😉😉😃

    I asked someone “why can’t you just tell her you want a carnal knowledge of her instead of lying?” And he said “I’m sorry but if I had told her, she wouldn’t have agreed to my request ” It’s unfair. This set of people who takes advantage of you are the ones who tell you that you have changed once you realized that is been a game for them all along.

    It’s painful to be deceived or stringed along in a relationship. If you don’t love a person, please don’t waste their time. Stop using people.
    Let’s stop leaving a trail of damaged individuals everywhere we go!!!

    I don’t know movies sorry but if you tell me to recommend books to read on wattpad…. I will just that in less than 2mins… Smiles

    Happy Birthday In Addy To My Second Mum… Love you ❤❤.

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  6. People will always mask love with lust.
    Admitting you love someone to them (if you TRULY do) is equivalent to giving em’ a special knife made of all your weaknesses, turning around and trusting that they won’t stab you. No one what’s to be that vulnerable.
    Admitting lust to someone is only hard cause you know NOBODY truly wants to hear that.
    So it’s in impulse human nature to use the easier word (Love) to mask the harder truth (lust).

    The pic with your mom is beautiful btw. Happy birthday to her.

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  7. Hey Ruona, I don’t always read every post. But each time I do, I see growth and mastery at this.

    It’s gradually becoming a channel and soon would be a perfect avenue to air views and speak about troubling topics…

    We would soon start advertising here 😏

    Speaking about topics, maybe you should talk about “COVID-19” next😂…

    Keep it up 👍🏾

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  8. My valentine day was lovely and it’s after effect still potent

    Happy birthday in advance mummy🤗🤗🤗

    Want some Korean drama seyi????😏
    Btw there’s a really thin almost assumingly non existing line between love and lust!
    Keep making me proud with these words and thoughts organization (writing)! 😘

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  9. Hey Rouna,
    First time I am commenting on your blog.
    Happy birthday to your mom and in advance to you(mine is coming on the last day of March)
    Anyways concerning love and lust especially with relationships is complicated.
    If someone is lusting after you, you would know and it is better to keep off especially if you really love the person because it gets more toxic.
    Plus if anyone has any recommendations on books to read on Wattpad and Any books app, I am your girl, please.

    That’s all I have to say for now.

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  10. You’re done with exams, i’m jealous lol😩
    God help us with all this love matter sha lmao. My val was sweed sha
    Happy birthday to mummy plus Happy birthday in advance to you, i’m so chilling for the nails tho😂

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  11. Welcome back to WordPress hun! Thanks for dropping a post like this, it’s very thoughtful of you. Happy birthday to your mum in advance. Oseruuuu you share the same birthday with my mum, come here let me give you a hug (lol).
    Movie suggestions:
    A fall from Grace
    Love by the 10 dates
    The Setup

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I honestly cannot believe that I’m sharing a birthday with the woman that birthed an amazing person like you. It’s really cool.
      I’m glad you liked this publication so thank you. Also, I’ll check these movies out 💜


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