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My Mum Misses Me 💜

Since I gained admission into the university, this is the first time I’m staying back at school and not traveling home for the holidays. This is a change in my routine and although I miss home, I really like it here ‘cos I’m just chilling and doing nothing except working on my project ‘cos it’s the main reason I stayed behind in the first place. Honestly when it comes to chilling in your own space with food, electricity, data and movies, there is no argument that it’s a safe space and with the stress of exams, it’s exactly what I needed. The only disadvantage right now is that the guys in my lodge have managed to successfully convince me to become their cook. 😂 It’s all part of the fun anyways.

Pree the fine girl 😌💜

Currently listening to Nobody by Dj Neptune, Joeboy and Mr. Eazi. Update your playlist dears.

Now, where was I? Okay I was talking about the holidays. When you’re in 100 level, there’s every tendency that you’ll be rushing to go home after exams (and honestly, when you eventually get used to the school system, you’ll be wondering what used to chase you to the house). Don’t get me wrong tho’, there’s no place like home and most times, we tend to miss our family but as we get older, we gradually begin to become independent hence our reluctance to rush home immediately after exams.

I’m not in 100 level anymore.

My mum misses me. She told me to come home and honestly I’d have gone but I have so much work to do and the holiday is pretty short so I just decided to stay back and be useful to myself. I miss you too mummy, I’m coming. The perks of having cool parents like I have is that they understand my reasons for making some decisions and they totally support me except they feel like there’s a better option. Some of my friends were surprised that I stayed back and some of them were like “their family will not hear of it”. 😂 I don’t exactly blame those families because some of us actually need to be threatened before we go back home. Others are begged to come home while others are handed an ultimatum: “I want to see you at home by Friday” and who are you to say you’re not going home? 😂

I’m not trying to snitch on anyone 🌚 especially not myself but we know that most of us that don’t go home during holidays don’t go home for other reasons that are not school related 🌚🌚🌚. I’m stopping here abeg 😂😂😂 All I’m going to say is that you should be good. That’s all. That’s all oh. End of story.

Moving on, my birthday is exactly a week from today and I don dey old 😫😂. I was beginning to feel like I did last year when I was scared about entering my 20s because I was basically IN BETWEEN choices and feeling like I hadn’t achieved enough but then I told myself that if I was able to survive this past year, I’d survive anything. I was listening to Hillsong’s 2013 album, We are Young and Free yesterday and I could relate to most of the lyrics of the song and I realized how faithful God has been.

Hair, Makeup & Photography by Padora Morr

I had a makeover today, guys. If you know me, you’ll know how much I love makeup but you won’t catch me on it because I honestly cannot draw perfect brows or do anything makeup related so you only see me like this once in three or four months. This particular makeover is a birthday present from my friend and course mate, Padora Morr. You can check her Instagram here. She was so nice and she entertained all my gists. She also kept saying “dooh girl”. She basically turned me into a princess!

One more 💜

These were supposed to be pre-birthday pictures but they leaked already because my friends can’t be trusted smh. I’m dreading the ugly pictures they’re going to upload on my special day 😫

I just realized that I didn’t say a proper hello when I started and I’m sorry. I really hope you’re good ‘cos I’m doing great. I told you I was going to be back to remind you about my birthday and that’s exactly what I came to do. Now, I’m going to make myself useful. Till next time, everyone.


‘Ruona ❤️


What are your thoughts about going home immediately after exams?

What methods do/did your parents use to get you to come back home?

What do you think about my makeover pictures?

Are my birthday presents intact?

Please make use of the comment box below. You know how much I love feedback. Also, don’t forget to subscribe. It’s absolutely free!!


My name is Oseruona Asak, but I'll let you call me ‘Ruona. I haven't found the perfect words to describe me yet but I’m very passionate about those things that are close to my heart, including sharing my thoughts with you.

36 thoughts on “My Mum Misses Me 💜

  1. I actually wanted to stay back cuz i dread going home and be given lifelong advices, so my mother deceived me that we were actually gonna travel together and on getting home i found out it was a trick, although i know am not falling twice again. Anyways being home is nice and they tend to feed you till you almost literally pass out in every way. I do hope you are gonna do your birthday in abraka and am also coming back on sunday. So when i come i don’t wanna look for you oooo..
    Love u and take care

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol it’s good you went home ‘cos honestly, I miss home too. Your mum is good!! 😂
      Lol, come to Abraka and come and celebrate my birthday for me 😂


  2. Hmmm. Jealous. So it’s only mum that’s missing you. What about daddy and bro. Maybe it’s because ‘mum’ is the only word that rhymes with your headline. Fine headline sha, and nice piece too. Trust you are good as always. Cheers.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Bitch nice one…well I literally don’t like going home sha…they had to threaten to disown me before I could go home…anyways I don tired for house…
    PS am really sorry for your Pam😆
    You know I love you right??

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I was always rushing home
    almost throughout my stay in school except when I stayed back because of project. My mum kept asking, “Are you the only one in the hostel?,” she was scared that I was alone with the gateman😂😂
    Makeover is sooo point. My cuz be looking like a diva! Keep up the good writing girl.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. “Tega your comments are always short”. Lol

    – I always want to go home after exams cos medical school exams leave me looking like a refugee. Gotta refill at home

    – They don’t need any method cos I’m already on my way 😂😂

    – About your pictures, I think I’m pregnant for you and the baby is your birthday present 🌚

    Content ✅
    Pictures ✅

    Verdict: Who be this kidddd 😍

    PS: is your headline fit to be called an alliteration?


    Tega 🌚😋

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You deserve an award for the longest comment so far!
      Totally understand where you’re coming from. Medical school isn’t for the faint hearted.
      Lmao I’m actually anticipating my birthday present (cue intense blushing)
      My headline is definitely an alliteration because it’s the repetition of consonant sounds and you totally new that but you just wanted to show yourself.
      Thanks for stopping by, Tega. 😂❤️


  6. I always loved staying back in school because home was terribly far. In all my four years as a student, I never went home for the holidays, I only visited home.

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  7. First off, you’re so beautiful and i still want to eat your work 😍❤️. Nice piece too 🤗.
    They have never begged me to come home 😂😂 I really don’t like going home because it’s always dead when my mum is not around. I only enjoy home on weekends. When we see, you’ll collect your birthday present 😂😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Okay I’m just reading this now. Sorry. I hate going home. During the holidays, you’re supposed to go home and chill but noooo😒😒 Godforbid my mum will let you chill.. It pains her you’re just laying down and pressing your phone instead of doing chores that has already been done🙄 The only perks of going home is the food. Nothing else.☺
    Btw.. Happy birthday Ruona❤

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