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No More Sad Songs

Listening to the song by Little Mix that’s the same as the title of this blog post.

It’s 12:39 am and I didn’t think there’d be a blog post today because I didn’t want to write. I did not feel like writing at all. Why? This week wasn’t my best week. I was sad for most of it and if I wasn’t sad, I was angry, moody, or just numb.

I was happy on some days too but the sadness trumped it all. This week was fast for me so I guess it’s a good thing because imagine if the week was any longer. I’ve been reading a novel that I’d finish in two days under normal circumstances since Saturday and I’m still not done. It’s been a roller coaster of emotions and I don’t know what to make of it. The new playlist I made isn’t even helping matters. I titled it mood. Sigh.

Is this song speaking to me?

Anyway, I think this whole thing started last Saturday when people kept texting to tell me that they couldn’t open the site to my last blog post and it was devastating because I worked so hard for you to see it. I didn’t get much feedback and considering how much I love reading and replying to comments, it messed me up.

If you didn’t get to read my last blog post on gossip and suicide, it’s right here: The Gossip Queen.

This is where I should tell you that “I’m better now” and drop lines like “you’ll be fine” and “don’t let the sadness consume you” but LOL. I’m taking malaria drugs in the midst of all of these so I don’t exactly have any motivational quotes to give.

On the bright side, I’ve been thinking about how my book will be made into a movie. I haven’t started writing the book yet.

Listening to Girls Like You by Maroon 5. I was low key expecting the universe to give me a song that will resonate with this blog post on a deep level but oh well…

It’s 12:58 am.

I’ll be fine.


‘Ruona. ❤️


How was your week?

Did any spectacular thing happen or was it like mine?

If you didn’t get to read my last blog post, it would mean a lot to me if you checked it out.

What kinds of songs do you have in your favourite playlist?

Please drop your thoughts in the comment box below. You know how much I love hearing from you. 💜


My name is Oseruona Asak, but I'll let you call me ‘Ruona. I haven't found the perfect words to describe me yet but I’m very passionate about those things that are close to my heart, including sharing my thoughts with you.

23 thoughts on “No More Sad Songs

  1. This week has been alright for me. I moved back into hostel, wrote a test, did an assignment and am preparing for exams. I should be stressed but weirdly I actually like school. I hope it gets better. Text me whenever. I’m here for you as you have always been for me. I love you! And Yes, you WILL be fine.

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  2. What a coincidence.. I have a playlist titled “MOOD” too. But it’s an entirely different kinda mood though.
    My week up till now has just been filled with anticipations, hoping for better in the wait.

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  3. this week has been tiring. we finally resumed online class and the next i’m seeing is that we’re having those classes on whatsapp 😭😭. it has been frustrating actually. they even give assignments without teaching us fgs! i don’t look forward to next week because of these classes 😭😭.

    here are playlists for anyone that’s interested;

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  4. Sorry Ruona, I hope you feel better soon.
    My favorite playlist is filled with old naija hits, they make me feel better most of the time because I can sing along to them and just forget everything else.

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    1. I think I should create a playlist like yours too. A playlist that is a combination of songs like “Do Me” from P-Square, and “Angel of My Life” by Paul Play 😂💜


  5. My week was terrible as well 😔😔😔 got so depressed
    Nothing spectacular happened, I guess it was like yours.
    Juice WRLD was all I played this week, most especially Juice WRLD & Marshmello COME & GO.

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