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The Wedding Party 2! Hallelujah!

God knows how long I’d been waiting to watch The Wedding Party 2: Destination Dubai. I’d been waiting patiently for an opportunity and He rewarded my patience because my friend, Dafe made it happen. Since I’ve watched it, I can write about it. Finally.

The movie was beautiful! I mean, they were just making me wish for my own prince charming. Not to talk of the glitz and glam! They went all out in the making of this movie. I laughed till my stomach hurt and when I was moved to tears, I had to keep reminding myself that I was a big girl and I shouldn’t cry outside (lol). If I was to count the number of awwn’s I made.. I’m sure it wasn’t less than 15 times. Dafe kept saying “you’ll go and sit in front very soon”.😂

Okay so, here’s a little spoiler for TWP2… Dunni gives birth to twins!! I’d be a bad person if I published everything that happened in the movie but you just have to watch it! Adannma (Patience Ozokwor) killed it in the movie. The woman carried her witchcraft from Nigeria to Dubai! 😂😂 and it’s as if aunty Yemisi is beginning to like uncle Shola. And I quote Yemisi: “he’s not that bad”. They had better start thinking of TWP3 already. 😂

I don’t know why haters just came and started saying that the movie was dry, this and that 🙄 I don’t regret watching it but if you’re not a big fan of romantic, mushy or sappy comedies, don’t blame me. I love those kind of movies and I love happy endings.

So I said the movie was beautiful but I wish it was longer.😥 I can’t wait till it’s available for download on the net cos I want it on my system ASAP.

Just in case you’re wondering, I saw the movie at Genesis Cinema (Shoprite) in Warri. 😎 If you’re around, you can check it out. This is the best way to start your Christmas holidays. Merry Christmas in advance!🎄

Until next time loves,

Ruona. ❤️