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2019 had lessons, Okay?

Compliments of the season, everyone!! How are you doing? Hope your December was Detty enough. In case you hadn’t realized, December ends tomorrow. If you’re among those that have been shouting Detty December up and down without actually doing anything, I sincerely hope you drop the spirit of blasphemy and false alarms in 2019.

Season’s Greetings, dears.

As for those of us that only had Christmas Day to look forward to, hope you enjoyed it for two because I didn’t get to taste 2019 Christmas rice. 😪😪 Why? I’ll tell you. I fell ill on Christmas Day and ended up getting three painful injections and ORT for Christmas. Good health is seriously underrated. Just imagine being surrounded by food that you can’t eat 😭 I still managed to have little fun and I’m much better now. I’m trying to publish this so I can get back to the series I’m watching – The Witcher. It’s on Netflix, it’s really nice and it has 8 episodes in season one. That’s the good part. The bad part is that we’re gonna have to wait two years before season two comes out.

2019 was good. It was long. I experienced the good, the bad and the ugly. If 2019 was a person, I would have summoned it to ask some serious questions about how I was treated. 2019 would have probably said something like “I threw those experiences at you in order to make you stronger and prepared for what’s to come in the coming years”. I am just glad that I was not consumed by what I went through because I found myself always asking “who did I offend?”. I hit some low points and some pretty high points this year and I learned a whole lot.

If you’ve read up to this point, this is where I share some of my ‘2019 lessons’ with you.
Okay, here we go;

GOD IS FOREVER THE PLUG: I’m not coming to preach or anything but 2019 taught me that without God, I am nothing. I am absolutely nothing!! I know how many tight situations I found myself in, how many times I fell ill, how many exams I had to write without reading enough and how many times I stopped being faithful but God saw me through. All I had to do was talk to him and ask the Holy Spirit to lead me. I couldn’t have asked for a better helper. Maybe I wouldn’t be writing this if it wasn’t for God.
I had an accident too that could have been worse than it was but God kept me. The devil really tried it with me but he’s a failed, failing failure because my trust is in the right source.

PEOPLE CAN SWITCH UP ON YOU AT ANY TIME: Allow me laugh first. You can join me in laughing if you can relate to what I’m going to write here. Some of the people I was really close to at the beginning of the year are not close to me anymore. Some of them turned strangers while I just had to let some go. There are people that I confided in that used my truths to taunt me. There were others that I trusted that broke my trust. There were others that made me question my self esteem, the ones that made me feel bad about myself. If I had been told at the beginning of 2019 that I wouldn’t be speaking to some of the people I was close to, I’d have called the person a hater. But look at. It’s really funny.
There are others that stayed though and as I counted my losses, I also counted my wins because I still have great friends that I wouldn’t trade for the world. Not to mention the ones that came into my life as the year began to end. Y’all are the real MVPs and I’m so grateful.

NO NEED TO COMPROMISE: This past year, I found myself making choices I wouldn’t make normally. I lowered my standards at some point because I wanted to please lmao. I used to tell myself that it didn’t matter. It mattered in the end because when I think back at some of the choices I made, I know I could have done better. You do not need to lower your standards for anybody. There should be what you will accept and what you will not. There are some people that should not be allowed to talk to you just as they like. There are some insults you will not take. It is not pride. It is self respect. Never settle for less.

THEY ARE WATCHING: People are watching. No matter how low key you think you are, there are always people observing. You may think that you’re hidden and nobody is looking at you but my brothers and sisters, someone is always there. I’ll never forget the day someone I didn’t know entered my dm on Twitter during one of those breaks I took from writing and said that he’s a reader of my blog and he noticed that I hadn’t posted anything in a while and he just wanted to check up on me to see if everything was okay. I can’t even describe how I felt that day! I was like “oh, this is me doing my stuff here and there’s actually someone that looks forward to this?” It warmed my heart.
In the same vein, there are also people that look up to you, whether you know it or not. So just be you, strive to be better and be careful too because there are also others that don’t want to see you do good.

NIGERIAN MUSIC IS NOT THAT BAD: I know, I know. Please don’t @ me. At the beginning of 2019 and the years before, you’d have heard me say things like “I don’t listen to Nigerian music”, “Is Davido the name of a biscuit?”, “Turn off your noise abeg”. But some of the people I hung out with this year made me see the beauty in some Nigerian songs (emphasis on some) and they made me appreciate some of our Artistes and their music. They are really trying and it feels good to be part of it even if it’s just by listening.

Okay, everyone. I didn’t want this to be too long and there are other lessons that I learned that are really personal but like I said, 2019 was a good year and I’m so grateful for everything but I cannot wait for 2020 because I’m optimistic that 2020 will be my best year yet. In the mean time, let me get back to my movie.

This is officially my end of year post and I just want to appreciate each and every one of you for sticking with Ruonaahsculture!! Thank you for taking time out to read my random thoughts. It means a lot. This is where I should do a giveaway but I’ve not blown yet. Come 2020, Ruonaahsculture will be coming back bigger and better by God’s grace. I can’t wait to see you all next year. Thank you, Thank you and a Happy New Year in advance to you and yours! 💜💜💜💜💜


Ruona ❤️


How was Christmas? Who has Detty December gist for me?

What lessons did 2019 teach you?

What’s one thing you’re thanking God for in 2019?

Do you have any suggestions that could make Ruonaahsculture better in this coming year?

Please feel free to use the comment box below. You know how much I love reading and replying. Thank you!!

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“At least, it will teach you a lesson”.

I’m currently writing this in the office because I honestly do not think it can wait. First and foremost, thank God for its Friday. You’d notice that my usual enthusiasm is absent. It’s not because I’m unhappy or anything but it’s just that the events which have transpired between 6:00 pm yesterday and this point in time have left me in a daze.
I usually close from work by 5:30 pm every day. Yesterday was no different. That is until it started raining. Someone dropped me at the junction in order for me to get a cab. It wasn’t so easy because, by the time I got a cab, the rain had beat like 2,000 followers out of my body.
Moving on, I got into the vehicle and I got to my destination. I think this is a nice time to tell you that I wasn’t going home straight away yesterday because I had to pick up an order. So, I met with the person, collected my order and eventually made it home. I practically swam to my house (Please if you have any affiliation with people in the government that can liaise with the chairman of Obio/Akpor local government to look into the drainage system that Rumuokwachi road has, I’d really appreciate it).
As I was saying, I got home and explained why I was late, dropped the bread I bought and proceeded to get my phone to reply to my WhatsApp messages. I checked my bag for it, checked and checked for it. It took about five minutes for me to realize that my phone did not make it home with me. You should have seen me last night. I asked myself questions like why did it have to rain?, what if I hadn’t gone to pick up the order, why did I not check to see if my phone was really in my bag? I just couldn’t take it. It wasn’t just something I would take lightly and it was nothing like my “Phone-napped” post from 2017 see here. I refused to believe that my phone will just disappear like that. I just got this phone and I wasn’t about to lose it.
I went right back into the rain with my brother to search for my phone. I was so confused and I couldn’t pinpoint where I had misplaced it. I kept praying for a miracle because my phone is pretty expensive. We searched and asked people questions but there was no positive result.I even called some of my friends to try to track it but they couldn’t (apparently, I hadn’t activated the find my phone stuff on my phone. Activate yours dears, just in case). Eventually, I gave up and we got home by 9 pm.
Funny enough, we kept dialing my number and it kept ringing from that time till this morning. I was eventually convinced that I forgot it in a cab but then again, I wondered why the cab driver hadn’t seen it yet. Last night was pretty shitty because I was freezing, I had lost appetite and I couldn’t sleep. I kept waking up at intervals to dial my number (which was still ringing as at 3 am) and to think. I prayed a lot because I refused to believe that my phone will just go like that.
I’m rounding up now, don’t worry. This morning, I woke up very early and started calling my phone again. At a point, it was switched off and I was already scared but in all situations, we have to trust God too much to give up. I got to the office and proceeded to dial my number again. This time, someone picked. This guy told me that my phone wasn’t stolen but he picked it up. I was so happy until he dropped the bombshell. Oga said “we don’t need too much talk. I’ll give you your phone but the thing is that I’m very broke so you’ll have to bring 20,000 naira to collect your phone. At least, it will teach you a lesson”. I didn’t even know what to say at that point. I just agreed and he told me where to meet him. I called my friends and told them the situation at hand. One of the staff in the office agreed to accompany me.
We got there and that’s where all the drama started. They were watching us to see if I brought the police. They made me wait for a long time and then they started giving other directions till they succeeded in leading us to a secluded place. I was already scared by then. Eventually, after everything, we paid the money and they gave me my phone. You won’t guess the highlight of the whole event. Just guess. Okay, I’ll tell you. These guys gave me 500 naira for transport. 500 naira out of my money!!
Well, this is Nigeria. Look how we’re living now. That’s what happened, guys. I’m so tired but I’m glad that I have my phone now. I had 77 missed calls by the time I got my phone back. People really thought to call me yesterday sha. Okay,I’m done for now. I should probably go to the canteen to see if I’d get meatpie and a drink.
So, have a nice weekend, guys.

‘Ruona. ❤️


Have you been in this kind of situation before?

Has your phone been held to ransom before? What was your experience like?

What did the guys mean by giving me transport money? Should they have even collected money at all?

You can share your thoughts in the comment box.