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A moment of silence for George Floyd.

A moment of silence for Uwa Omozuwa.

This past week has been something else. What is happening in the world for God’s sake? The funny thing about all of these is that these people are the ones that we happen to know about. What about others that we’ll never know?

I usually don’t address sensitive issues like these because they are just that – sensitive. But how long will we continue to sit back and be witnesses? I mean, these are the lives of people like you and me. But the other question is what should we do? What can we do? Or should God just come and take His people home? Because I’m tired and sick of the negativity in this world. In fact, I’m tired of being tired.

Mr. George Floyd was killed for allegedly presenting a forged cheque to a cashier who called the cops on him. He was begging. He kept saying ”I can’t breathe”. There was a white cop restraining him with his knee on his neck. That white knee killed George Floyd. Of course, everything happened because they ”suspected” that he was trying to be fraudulent. The cheque wasn’t even fake. The only mistake he made was that he was black. Racism in 2020? Really?

Uwa. Uwa was 22. She just gained admission into the University of Benin but she’s gone now. She was raped and brutalized in a church. A church!! Women are not safe anymore. Is this how we’re going to keep living in fear? It’s scary, to be honest. What excuse is there for rape?

These days, people can’t even come out to protest against these wrongdoings because there is no more justice. Tina was just an innocent bystander cut down in her prime from a stray bullet. Bullet from the gun of a policeman that was supposed to be protecting this innocent soul. She was 16. She didn’t deserve to die. Will she get justice?

A moment of silence for Tina Ezekwe.

Honestly, my heart cannot take anymore and all I want is for justice to be served. Will Uwa get Justice? What about Floyd? What can we do? What can we do?? We deserve better! The world deserves better. What can we do?!



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Just Breathe.

Sometimes, all we need is a break. Sometimes, all we want to do is take some time away from the outside world, sit back, relax, and breathe. There are certain points in our lives where situations begin to take a toll on us and we begin to feel exhausted. In times like these, we find that some people won’t want to be around people, not necessarily because they have any beef with them and some other times, they might decide to take time off social media too because as we all know, it’s a whole world on its own. People do stuff like these from time to time because they’ve realized that for their sake and the sake of everyone, it’s proper to take a break and just breathe.

Last week, I temporarily disabled my Instagram account (if you know me well enough, you’ll know that I’m most active there) because I was beginning to feel pressured and overwhelmed. I guess exposing yourself to social media all the time does that to a person. I’m someone that thinks a lot so I know what filled my thoughts and honestly, what I needed was a break. I also realized that I needed to channel my energy to other things like my school work and my blog. I decided to take some time for myself, strategize and basically find clarity and so, I did. I went off for a few days and when I decided that I was ready to face the outside world again, I resumed my social media business lol.

Currently listening to this song on repeat.

The whole point of this gist is to let you know that your mental health is paramount. It is okay to take a break from stuff once in a while. It may be a few hours or even a few months but who cares? If you have the opportunity to take time out, do it because it would be impossible for you to give your best to the world if you’re not whole. Truth is that you may not even realize that you actually need a break until you take one.

I feel that we live better when we live without pressure and we tend to impact positively on others if we are happy. It is part of self-care; it is self-preservation. It is not selfish because this is your sanity we’re talking about. Honestly, you’d be happier. So whenever you can, please take some time out and just breathe.


‘Ruona ❤️


Please tell me you understood the message I just passed across.

Have you been in situations where you felt overwhelmed and just needed time out?

What do you do when you feel the pressure is so much and you’re overwhelmed?

Do you have any self-care tips?

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