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So You’ve Got Jokes?

Simi, thank you for this.

I love having discussions with people who get me and people who understand my points of view. I’m also totally fine with people who have different ideas about some of the issues that concern us, but one thing I’m never going to be fine with is people who never admit that they’re wrong or that they’ve crossed a line. I’m sure you can relate as these people are more common than we believe.

People handle jokes differently because the perception and interpretation of jokes by individuals differ. There are people that don’t mind being the subjects of jokes and there are others that will easily be offended. The fact that we are different people means that we should be able to accept that not everyone will see things our way and that’s why we need to know when to draw the line.

I posted a screenshot of an offensive tweet once. It was a joke and it was funny at the time but a reaction I got from my friend made me understand what I had done. The joke wasn’t even mine and all I did was screenshot and repost but I realized that if I was the subject of the joke, I’d be hurt too. It didn’t even matter if my friend could take the joke or not and it didn’t even matter that it wasn’t exactly directed at her. At that point, I already felt terrible. I kept apologizing and I took it down but I learned a huge lesson that day.

My friend once said “sometimes, we underestimate the power of jokes. It might seem harmless to you but might be harmful to the receiving end”. The honest truth is that just because you don’t intend to hurt or offend anyone with your jokes does not make it right when you do. It is not the intention, it is the effect these jokes have on people and so, we should watch it.

Some people will come with the ”you’re too serious” or ”you’re taking things personally” lines but if someone says he/she doesn’t appreciate a joke, you should take note and apologise instead of trying to justify your actions. We should also be careful with our words.

There’s a Big Difference Between Humor and Disrespect

Natalie Frank, Ph.D.

Natalie Frank in her blog post said ”do you really want to risk hurting someone if you can avoid it?”

Edeme, thank you for this.

The screenshot above is another angle I’d really love to address because if people do not know when to draw the line, you have to draw it for them. You don’t sit back and allow people to disrespect you in the name of ”I was joking”. There’s a limit to everything and there are boundaries.

I will never understand how people that are not close to a person make jokes that are insulting. I’m not saying I’m in support of close friends who make insulting jokes about each other but I guess it’s understandable because they are close and they’ll probably not take it seriously. But you see those ones that don’t know anything about you, coming from no angle of the triangle to throw shade and call it jokes, you have to stamp your foot and tell them as it is.

If you’ve read up to this point, I’d like to thank you for sticking with me. Here on Ruonaahsculture, I try as best as possible not to mince words and ensure that I address issues as they are. On that note, let’s be mindful of the kinds of jokes we make. Don’t just open your mouth waaaa and start spewing nonsense. I’ve advised you as best as I can so please, take heed.

I hope you’re good and I hope you’re in a safe place. Until next time loves,

’Ruona ❤️


Why do people even make insulting jokes?

Have you been in a position where you had insulting jokes thrown at you? What was your reaction?

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Hello dear. How was your week? If you haven’t seen my previous post, you should do so. This past week, I fell in love with John Legend’s latest album, and here’s a screenshot of my top 4 songs in the album.

Update your playlist, dears.

Today, I’ve decided to remind you that it is common for us to make mistakes in our grammar, and most of the time, these words or phrases sound correct in our head. At times when we write them down, we don’t realize that they are wrong. People tend to make grammatical errors that ruin their sentences altogether especially on social media.

The importance of knowing when your sentence is grammatically incorrect cannot be overemphasized. This topic has been addressed severally but how does a person fix grammatical errors when he/she doesn’t even realize the mistake? This is why I’m here to point out these common mistakes to you. After today, there’s no way you’d be able to say that I’ve not done anything good for you because we’ll be looking at three popular errors people make in grammar, especially on social media.

Your English Lesson Has Commenced. Please be attentive. I’ll be looking at three common grammatical errors people make on social media.

I’M vs AM: ‘I’m’ is the contraction of I+am. This means that you use ‘I’m’ when you want to shorten ‘I am’. It is the informal way of saying ‘I am’ and that’s why it’s often used on social media.

you use ‘I’m’ when you want to shorten ‘I am’. It is the informal way of saying ‘I am’

On the other hand, ‘am’ is the verb and it is grammatically wrong to drop ‘am’ at the beginning of a sentence without a pronoun before it because proper English requires the pronoun before the verb. For clarity sake, I’ll be giving you examples:

If you’re asked ‘how are you’ and you respond with ‘Am fine’ or ‘Am so blessed’, you’re wrong.

As I said, you don’t throw the pronoun away.

Your reply should be ‘I am fine’ or ‘I’m fine’ or ‘I am so blessed’ or ‘I’m so blessed’.

Do you get me now?

THEY’RE vs THEIR vs THERE: I know how confusing this can get because to some people, they even sound alike but they are not the same. ‘They’re’ is a contraction for ‘they+are’, ‘Their’ refers to something that belongs to a group (theirs) while ‘There’ refers to a location. Now that you know the difference between the three, ensure that in the right instances you check that you are using the right ones in the right positions okay?

They’re’ is a contraction for ‘they+are’, ‘Their’ refers to something that belongs to a group (theirs) while ‘There’ refers to a location.

YOU’RE vs YOUR: The difference between these two is being something (you’re) versus owning something (your).

For example:

Ruona, you finished reading a 300-page book in two hours. You’re fast.


Ruona, are you not done with your novel yet?

In other words, You’re is the contraction of you+are while your is possessive.

If I say something on social media and you come to my dm and you’re like “haha, Ruona your funny”, you’re wrong.

We’ve come to the end of our English lesson and I hope you were able to learn something.

Until next time, dear.


‘Ruona ❤️


How are you really? Any gist from this past week?

What did you learn from this post?

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