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What’s Your Passion?

Happy New Year!! We made it into 2020!! I know I’m late but in my defense, it’s just day 20 out of 365 days. We have the freedom to trade ’Happy New Years’ till the first half of the year is over anyway and I really don’t want to start 2020 with apologies. I know you understand.


Forgive my manners, though. How have you been? How’s 2020 so far? I sincerely hope you’re okay because I am. The harmattan has been on and off but it’s pretty cold right now.
You know, it’s funny but inspiration tends to hit harder when I’m up early in the morning and honestly, I think the reason I haven’t written before now is that I’ve been waiting for something big to happen, forgetting that there’s nothing wrong with capturing the little moments around us. Sigh.

I slept off right after I finished typing that.

I continued writing this at 9:43 am yesterday. It was a beautiful Sunday morning and I wasn’t able to go to church due to circumstances beyond my control. It was pretty cold and I couldn’t feel my toes. I eventually completed this writeup at 10:54 am and I planned to publish later in the day but Network was so terrible that I eventually gave up. Now it’s 3:41 am and I’m editing this work and it’s annoying that my Uncle who has refused to agree that I’m his favorite niece didn’t get to see my birthday wish yesterday. Well, this is me wishing my Uncle a belated Happy Birthday.

I’m just going to do a quick recap of my life for the past two or is it three weeks? Well, since the year started, I’ve been thinking about school work and all. Imagine, our exams were supposed to start on the 20th of January (lmao that’s even today 😂😂😂😂 ) I’m laughing because as at two weeks ago, I wasn’t prepared to enter any exam hall. The date was shifted till next month, there’s ample time to prepare, I’ve started studying and I won’t cry when I’m finally faced with my exams. In fact, my papers will fear me 😌

Just look at 😂

At one point these past few weeks, I couldn’t write anything. Like, thoughts refused to flow into words. It was annoying. I even asked people to give me ideas and I’m grateful for everyone who took time out to discuss ideas for Ruonaahsculture with me. It really helped a lot.

Eseosa posted this, I reposted it.

I remember one time at my grandma’s house when my Uncle was quizzing me, my brother and my cousins on what we had a passion for, what our passion was.

My granny is a lovely woman

He asked us what passion meant and I cannot remember what my reply was but the Merriam Webster dictionary defines it as an intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction towards something or a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept.

Your passion is something that you’re always driven to do. It’s something that you’d be comfortable with doing anytime and anywhere. Most of the time, the things you’re passionate about are your hobbies. I got to realize how passionate I was about putting my thoughts on paper about 6 years ago and I eventually decided to start my blog in my 100 level.

Christian Fisher wrote that knowing your passion in life gives you something to build the rest of your life around. Your passion can be anything that simultaneously challenges you, intrigues you and motivates you. Contrary to the idea that doing what you love makes work effortless, a passion puts you to work. It’s what you’re willing to sacrifice lesser leisure and pleasures for.

People are different and they have different things they’re passionate about but one mistake some people tend to make is doing something because someone else is doing it. This is different from being inspired by other people. This is pure copy cat attitude and often, you’d find out that these people don’t exactly succeed in what they do because they don’t genuinely have the passion for it. For example, blogging generates a lot of income. You’re someone who doesn’t exactly like writing but just because you’ve seen a friend making money from it, you decide to try it too. You’ll find out that your actions surrounding that blog will be forced and you’ll basically consider it as being stressful. Your passion doesn’t stress you. Instead, it motivates you. If you do not like something, you cannot be motivated by it. I mean, it’s not rocket science.

Stop being busy doing what you don’t like to do. You don’t necessarily have to have a lot of things that you’re passionate about. You might not necessarily be earning from it but it’s what drives you, okay? I guess what I’m just trying to say it that you should find that one thing that makes you happy because why not? If you haven’t discovered what your passion is yet, don’t fret. There’s still time. I mean, I can wake up one day when I’m probably 40 and realize that I have a passion for football (okay, I’m joking 🙃 That’s never gonna happen 😂😂😂) Meanwhile, just do you and with time, you’ll discover that special thing that makes you happy, that thing that drives you.

Okay, I’m done editing and I’m going back to schoolwork. I actually believe what people say about your brain assimilating more in the early hours of the morning. You might see me here next month, maybe when I come back to talk about Valentine’s day or something. I can’t wait to be consistent. I’m just counting down. I’m going to publish this later in the day when everyone will be awake. I really hope you have a great week ahead.


’Ruona ❤️


What are you passionate about and why?

Did you go to church yesterday?

What’s happening today?

How is 2020 treating you?

Harmattan nko?

Please feel free to make use of the comment box below. You know how much I love feedback. Thank you!!!

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So I started writing this earlier today, thinking I’d publish before I’d go to the event I was assigned to cover but the WordPress app in my phone decided to deal with me because every single thing I typed vanished. I couldn’t cry so I just went to my WhatsApp status to lament.

If you’ve experienced this before, you know how painful it is especially when your ideas were flowing at that point in time. Anyways, nothing will stop me from uploading today. I cast and bind all my enemies by fire!! Okay, I’m joking 😂

Moving on, yesterday was my very good friend and number one fan of Ruonaahsculture (after my parents of course), Kelvin Edimeh’s birthday!! 🥳

Kelvin Edimeh

So, Kelvin writes on his own blog “The Amateur Pen” Check it out! and he’s so nice! He’s always one of the first to get notifications, like and comment on any of my blog posts. He’s been subscribed to Ruonaahsculture for two years now (Please if you haven’t subscribed to my blog, now’s a good time to do so. You’d find the option at the bottom of this post).

Kelvin encourages me to keep writing and he always makes suggestions to make my work better. He also calls himself my dad. Yes Kelvin, I’m putting it here so my real dad will see it 😂 but you’re a great dad because anytime you’re around and I see you, Ice-cream and Shawarma is a goal.😂😂
You should see his babe, Kaine. They have this kind of relationship that singles like me will observe and be like “God when?”

Pure joy! Sigh.

Anyways, I trust he had an amazing day yesterday. Happy birthday again, Kelvin. I’m really glad you’re in my life, God bless you.

Me, my dad and his babe the last time we went out 😂

So, today’s issue:

I was on my own yesterday, being nice and quiet, scrolling through my contacts status updates and bam!! What do I see?

This is a prefect example of temptation.

Why? The fact that I will not be able to ignore something like this is why. Rowland Dominion, thank you for making me abandon the work I was supposed to be doing in order to reply your status update. 🙄🙄
It didn’t stop there. I started thinking (random thoughts guys) and trying to get People’s opinions on this controversial issue. Some of my contacts were very happy to argue in my dm 😂 and I read and listened to what they had to say.

Majority of them said that indeed, religion has done more harm than good in our society and even our country at large. A response to my question was that Religion is supposed to uplift people and not bring them down or brainwash them but it is sad because people tend to commit several atrocities in the name of religion which is to the detriment of the believers and the society at large. It is no news that one of the causes of death in the country is disagreement between religious groups but I’m not going to dwell on that.

I’m a Christian and I do not know much about other religions so I’m just going to talk about what I know. Hallelujah? Amen!
Some Christians have taken religion to extremes especially in our country, Nigeria. I have so many examples to give and it’s funny but it’s annoying at the same time.

Okay so, you’d find that some people actually believe in their pastors much more than they believe in God. Some of them listen to anything and everything these pastors say without even bothering to check if it is in line with the scriptures. They also allow these same pastors to get away with crimes, forgetting that these pastors are humans and they are not above the law.

We know that our pastors should be revered because they’re representatives of God on earth but we should also beware of false Prophets! Sometimes, you’d find pastors who exploit their members in the name of seed sowing. There are also others who have turned the church into a business place and will collect money from people not minding the source. It’s no surprise that in churches today, there’s room for politics, bribery, scam and other forms of scandals because of these people and it’s no surprise that some pastors are among the richest people in the country while their members are in abject poverty. Don’t get me started on those churches that own schools that the children of their members cannot go to because they cannot afford the fees. What happened to the love? What happened to giving?

Ruona are you done? No, dear, Not quite.

We’re discussing the members now. Some of these people have forgotten the main reason for religion. They’ve forgotten the real reason they are Christians or maybe they don’t know and that’s why they follow blindly. I mean, you’ll see that someone is dying and you say you have Faith and you won’t take him/her to the hospital? I’m not saying that there is nothing like Faith but Faith without works is dead! Or you’ll say you’re waiting for God to bless you with a job and you’re chilling on your bed, expecting the position of a Managing Director to fall on your laps without working towards it? All in the name of religion.

My friend said that some so called “churchy” people tend to be so narrow minded and they’re literally blind to potential issues outside what their pastors have said. This makes them miss chances to learn. How about those ones who dabble in all sorts of negative things (and I mean all sorts of things) to make money and they have the nerve to say “it’s God that is blessing my hustle” and even pay tithes? Some of these so called Christians have become materialistic that it’s heartbreaking. Most people these days are just looking for what they can get from the church. They go for their own selfish reasons, sometimes become men pleasers and not to worship God. No, tell me how their outlook on religion isn’t harming the society?

Okay, I’ve said enough. There’s one thing I know tho’ and that is the fact I do not feel that religion in itself has done harm in the society. I know for a fact that it is the people that have painted religion in a bad light. For Christians, the Bible says in John 4:24 that we should worship God in Spirit and in truth. That way, we’d be able to live as true Christians and not tarnish the image of our religion, thereby causing harm in the society.

Ejiro Asakitikpi

So, with these few points of mine, I hope I’ve been able to share my thoughts in a way you’d understand. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk. We’ll see later. I’m going to eat spaghetti.

‘Ruona. ❤️


What do you think about religion? Has it caused more harm than good?

What do you think about my point of view? Do you agree that it’s the people that make religion bad and not religion itself? If you don’t, why?

Do you belong to any other religion that isn’t Christianity? Would you like to share your views?

Please make use of the comment box and don’t forget to subscribe!