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3 Quick ways to De-stress.

This year has been a lot for everyone and there is no denying it. Except you’re living under a rock, you’d have heard someone say that he or she is tired, mentally exhausted, frustrated, drained, or the person just needs to relax and be taken care of. You may have even been a champion of these complaints yourself and I can’t blame you because like I said, this year has been a lot.

Mercy from Big Brother Naija season 4, yeah?

Personally, I can’t even describe this year in one word. That’s to tell you how trying it has been because who would have thought??! Nobody bargained for this at all. I mean 2020 has affected us in one way or another but let’s try to be selfish and focus on ourselves for a bit. How do we calm down and take care of ourselves physically, emotionally and mentally?

In 3 Quick ways to de-stress, I’ll be highlighting 3 major ways to reduce and eventually banish stress. They include:

  • Take a break: If you need a break from work, social media or whatever may be stressing you or keeping you occupied, then take that break. You may not think you need it but taking some time out to clear your head and just breathe can help you relieve stress. You’re probably stressed because you’re thinking a lot, worrying too much or doing too much. You should take a moment to have a nap, unplug from social media or even meditate. Personally, taking breaks from social media helps me to clear my head and you’d be surprised at how taking breaks from your regular activities can go a long way.
  • Do stuff that make you happy: What are those things you enjoy doing? Do you enjoy reading, writing, listening to music, dancing or watching movies? Do those things. Get lost in those activities and make yourself happy. I know that some people complain that they don’t have the time because they’re busy. You make the time! You’re allowed to be selfish because problem no dey finish. Whatever hobbies you have that genuinely make you happy, keep doing them. I heard that eating is therapeutical. If chopping life makes you happy, go for it. Do it with moderation tho’. I cannot shout.
  • Change your environment if you can: Sometimes, all you need to relieve your stress is a change of environment. It doesn’t necessarily mean traveling from one place to another but I mean, if you can afford a trip to the Maldives, why not? Your environment could be your room. You could rearrange or change your furniture to bring new vibes. Trust me, a change in environment helps you de-stress. However, if you’re planning that trip to Santorini, please don’t forget to take me along. Let’s de-stress together.
In summary…

I don’t consider myself an expert in these things but from my experience, these three tips highlighted above yield positive results. In the end tho’, all you need to do is take one day at a time and please stop worrying too much because what will be will be.

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‘Ruona. ❤️

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Hi there, welcome to random thoughts!

I’m going to tell you what has been going on in my mind for the past few days.

I have had to address issues such as:

  • The student in me has graduated
  • I cannot remember my project topic
  • I have moved on with my life

…and I do not know how to act. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO ACT?!

Sigh. I’m calm. I’m not shouting.

I read in the news this past week that schools in Delta State are to resume from the 2nd of October. I don’t know how to feel about it, honestly. As a matter of fact, I haven’t been myself since I heard that news. I am 75% sure that I’ll be speaking the minds of some students who are in my shoes. The ones that may not agree with me have their reasons and I totally respect them.

Now, let’s count together dears.

March – What’s this pandemic? It will blow over.

April – No school stress. I can chill at home & eat good food.

May – Online classes? God, what is this?

June – God please have mercy on us, let schools reopen.

July – Gets angry, travels to school to eat Banga rice.

August – Lands a paying job



After all this time, who should resume? Who? 😂😂😂

If I say I’m mentally prepared for resumption, I am lying. You know that there are certain situations whereby you’ve hoped and hoped for something and eventually given up hope, then that thing eventually comes and you’re no longer interested? That’s how I feel right now. Imagine if I heard this news before July, this website would not have been able to contain all of us. Now it’s just ”Oh. Okay”.

So, I haven’t touched my project in about three months and I was just exaggerating at the beginning. I still remember my project topic. If you believed what I said in the beginning, then you obviously don’t wish me well 😂😂. Anyways, I’m not enthusiastic about the whole idea of having to resume. I have a job that pays for crying out loud!! I have moved on! 😭😭

Why is this happening to me? 😭😭😭🤧🤧🤧

On the other hand, I CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE MY FRIENDS!!! Our reunion will be loud and I will make sure of it. But that’s by the way. I just want to resume, graduate, and get out.

So that’s that about that.

If you were expecting serious stuff today, I’m sorry but you’ll have to check back next time. Meanwhile, here are some of my previous posts if you missed them or you’d like to read something nice:

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’Ruona. ❤️


How are you doing, really?


Can you relate to what I’ve written?

Are you on the same page as me?

Do you think that schools should have just chilled till next year before resumption?

If your school was asked to resume right now, how will you feel?

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