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School is “just school” until you really think about everything that comes with it. I don’t know how I’m supposed to put four whole years in a blog post but I’m going to try.


When I started Uni Four years ago, I was pretty naive. I was introduced into this whole new world that was different from the sheltered life I was used to and despite all the experience I thought I had gathered from attending a boarding school, it didn’t even come close. I mean, I was now a big girl. Cooking my meals, planning my expenses, deciding where to go and when to come back home (tho’ Faith, my roommate who was in 300 level was there to ensure that I behaved).

My very first day in 100 level 💜

I had everything figured out. I was so sure – Go to school, make friends, graduate with a first class degree in Mass Communication and be the coolest girl in my department but it wasn’t that simple. I hadn’t even learned how to cook stew properly. 100 level was easy tho’. I met really cool people (some of whom I’m still friends with) and I aced my exams. Nobody told me that you don’t really count your 100 level experience as part of it because in 100 level, school goes easy on you especially since you’re still learning the ropes. The real struggle started from 200 level and let’s just say that I wasn’t prepared at all.


In 200 level, I changed my place of residence and I got another roommate (hi, Julie 💜). I had my best and worst moments in 200 level, 2018. 200 level first semester was pretty difficult. I went through a lot emotionally. It was so bad that it affected school work. I remember checking my result and bursting into tears. Two carryover courses in my first semester? Is this how I was going to attain a First class degree? I was down and I didn’t know how to handle it at first but eventually, I had to get a grip on myself and accept what had happened. My second semester result was much better and I had begun to understand how school worked – CAs are very important. Don’t take Continuous assessments for granted and if you don’t read, you will fail. Period.

200 level 💜

In 200 level, I started exploring relationships. My eyes have seen thingsss 😂. It’s safe to say that I’ve been in 4 relationships & 3 situationships (hey, don’t judge me. I didn’t even add my acquaintances). I’m going to stop here because my parents are reading this but if you want deets, send me a mail 😉. At the end of 200 level, I was in tune with how school worked and I had stopped rushing home at every given opportunity. I was ready to explore.


I aced my carry over courses and I never had any issues of the sort ever again. I had learned to balance school, social life, church and every other thing together. I had a clear picture of what I wanted my life to look like and the kinds of persons I wanted to be friends with. My dad always says “choose your friends. Don’t let them choose you”. So, I had to be friends with those people that added value to my life. 300 level was a breeze. It was more of work than fun because we were adjusting to this new curriculum that had us doing 10 and 11 courses in first and second semesters respectively and then there was my Internship.

300 level 💜

I lost a lot of weight in 300 level and I haven’t gained it back till now but I guess I’ll have the time to do that. I learned to be strong in 300 level because I realized that nobody will take care of you except you.

Internship 💜


I decided that my final lap was when I was going to enjoy all the things I hadn’t enjoyed in my first three years so I decided that I wasn’t going to stress myself at all. I turned 21 and I was made the Welfare Director of the students in the Faculty of Social Sciences. Everything was smooth until the pandemic. I would have graduated in June if 2020 didn’t turn out this way but God is great and I’m still part of the class of 2020.

400 level first semester 💜

My project was quite stressful but easy at the same time because I had an idea of what I wanted my research to be about. RUONAAHSCULTURE was a huge inspiration for my project so thank you for encouraging me to keep writing.

My research 💜
Thank you 💜

When school reopened after the pandemic, we had just one month to learn and two weeks for exams so I didn’t have a proper second semester but we still managed to do our final year activities. Pictures below:

Day one – Jersey day 💜
Day two – Ankara day 💜
Day three – Sign out day 💜
Day four – Graduation 💜

I’m proud of how far I’ve come. I can boldly say that I passed through school and school passed through me but I won’t lie and say that everything was perfect because there are some things I wish I could change but I guess everything is part of the experience. It’s amazing that I can laugh about those things I cried about. I’m grateful for my wins and losses, my blacks and whites with numerous grey areas between them and I’m grateful for all my friendships because they’ve made me the person I am today. I’m grateful for my family, for Faithy, Dafe, Benny, Kika, Juliet Juveris, Jomafuwe, Rowland, Henry Dikadi, Efe Christy, Lekan, Emillions, Divine Vibe, Bawo, Desmilano, Oreva, Gaga, (every single person in Ose’s Place that treated me as their sister), Nancy, Kingsley, Sofiaa, Halima, Padoraa, Chidinma, Ruth, Flat tummied Jessica and Dark Jessica, Constance, Princewill, Ufuoma, Awele, Friday, Vivian, Becky, Juliet, (all the people in Mass Communication department that were good to me), Tegaski, Jeff, Tansi, Kind, Davies, Book of June, Kayla, Lawrence, Omo, Graham, Ebube, Winifred, Rute, (every medical student that supported me in one way or another and made me a medical student by association), Ugo, Enifome, Paschal, Chukwudi, Catherine, Rukkie, Malik, Freda, Joan, all my friends at RCF, and every other person that I have memories with. Thank you so much. I love you guys.

Why are there tears in my eyes???! Writing this wasn’t easy. I’m already emotional so I’ll stop here. This is the best I could do with four years on this blog post. I can’t wait to share the next phase of my life with you.


‘Ruona (the graduate). ❤️

P.S: Merry Christmas in advance!! Do you like the new decor? RUONAAHSCULTURE is feeling festive already.

Graduates, come forward. The rest, read your books 😂

What are the best memories you have from school?

Looking back at where you started, is there anything you’d like to change?

Do you wanna ask me anything?

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Hi there, welcome to random thoughts!

I’m going to tell you what has been going on in my mind for the past few days.

I have had to address issues such as:

  • The student in me has graduated
  • I cannot remember my project topic
  • I have moved on with my life

…and I do not know how to act. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO ACT?!

Sigh. I’m calm. I’m not shouting.

I read in the news this past week that schools in Delta State are to resume from the 2nd of October. I don’t know how to feel about it, honestly. As a matter of fact, I haven’t been myself since I heard that news. I am 75% sure that I’ll be speaking the minds of some students who are in my shoes. The ones that may not agree with me have their reasons and I totally respect them.

Now, let’s count together dears.

March – What’s this pandemic? It will blow over.

April – No school stress. I can chill at home & eat good food.

May – Online classes? God, what is this?

June – God please have mercy on us, let schools reopen.

July – Gets angry, travels to school to eat Banga rice.

August – Lands a paying job



After all this time, who should resume? Who? 😂😂😂

If I say I’m mentally prepared for resumption, I am lying. You know that there are certain situations whereby you’ve hoped and hoped for something and eventually given up hope, then that thing eventually comes and you’re no longer interested? That’s how I feel right now. Imagine if I heard this news before July, this website would not have been able to contain all of us. Now it’s just ”Oh. Okay”.

So, I haven’t touched my project in about three months and I was just exaggerating at the beginning. I still remember my project topic. If you believed what I said in the beginning, then you obviously don’t wish me well 😂😂. Anyways, I’m not enthusiastic about the whole idea of having to resume. I have a job that pays for crying out loud!! I have moved on! 😭😭

Why is this happening to me? 😭😭😭🤧🤧🤧

On the other hand, I CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE MY FRIENDS!!! Our reunion will be loud and I will make sure of it. But that’s by the way. I just want to resume, graduate, and get out.

So that’s that about that.

If you were expecting serious stuff today, I’m sorry but you’ll have to check back next time. Meanwhile, here are some of my previous posts if you missed them or you’d like to read something nice:

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’Ruona. ❤️


How are you doing, really?


Can you relate to what I’ve written?

Are you on the same page as me?

Do you think that schools should have just chilled till next year before resumption?

If your school was asked to resume right now, how will you feel?

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